About Us

A reputation is a precious thing

Over our 30 years we’ve established ourselves as the premier pool valet and service provider in Auckland. That reputation means a lot, we know that we are only as good as the last small experience our client had with one of us. We work every day to deliver on the trust our customers place in us to look after their swimming pools.

A beautiful pool for all

We take pride in ensuring your family enjoy a fantastic experience every time. Our experienced team ensure you will have a sparkling, well balanced pool all year round. We will pick up on the little details without you having to ask and will always consult you before actioning. Our aim is to make everything about your pool a pleasure for you.

Behind The Beauty

What lies behind our beautiful pools is a set of skills that are not easily come by. Water chemistry, pump expertise, know how and experience, council compliance processes, are just part of what we do to create the beautiful pools our clients enjoy every day.